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November - 7 - 2013

Back Once Again..

Bang the DJ has been in and around Sonic Academy since the early day’s, back when you could count the number of tutorials on one hand. Back then the friendly community would enjoy watching the new tutorials and feeding back to SA to help them develop future courses. Member would also give out tips and findings of our own and request tutorials they would like to see and enjoy some friendly banter waiting for the next addition to drop.

It’s been a while since we last visited SA but we found ourselves with a little free time so we decided what better time to drop in and catch up with whats been happening with the guys over at Sonic Academy.


The Story So Far!

The first thing we noticed was the price hasn’t really changed all that much, sure it’s gone up by a few quid a month but when you compare it to the share amount of content you have access to the price still reflects huge value for money.

The tutorials cover a multitude of genres and sub genres usually requested by the forum members and although mostly EDM there are a few others too. You’ll also find in-depth videos for compression, reverb delay and most other forms of audio processing that you will require a little knowledge on to become a good producer, They also feature various synthesis tutorials, tech tips and a very interesting artist series.

As well as providing their community with help, feedback and tutorials, Sonic Academy have also released their own sample sets and developed their own plug-ins.


Two Many Birds With One Stone*

There are tutorials available when you sign up for a free account if you’re not quite ready to commit to a subscription and three different levels of subscription to choose from when you are.

If you decide the free account isn’t enough to cover your needs you can always upgrade to a silver web pass which will gain you access to the subscribers forums, unlimited access to all the tutorials, tech support, project files and resources. If thats not enough the gold web pass gives you access to all of the above plus samples, discounts and other privileges.

This include’s adding Sonic’s A.N.A synth and Samples for discounted prices, both packages cost less than you’d expect at just £34.99/ $55.99 for the silver or £99.99/ $165 for the gold web pass, which works out at just a few quid a week.


Cheap Isn’t Always A Good Thing But…..

A.N.A is a good quality flexible software synth, a good alternative to the much loved and hugely popular Sylenth1 at a snip of the price. It’s not the best synth we’ve tested but A.N.A is easily one of the better software synths we’ve tested this year and capable of many fantastic sounds.

Comparing Sonic Academy’s sample sets with the big players like Sample Magic, Vengeance and Sounds of Revolution show’s that they aren’t quite their just yet but they are great value, especially when purchased with a subscription discount. They also provide you with a wide range of sounds and a solid foundation on which you can build your own library.

Better Than The Rest?

Now I’m not going to lie and tell you that everything you’ll find at Sonic Academy is better than their competitors because its not. The truth is their are some companies that have better sample packs some that have a bigger range of plug-ins and others that cover some genres in greater detail, Some that hit another level with synthesis and others that really push your processing knowledge to the edge.

However those single tutorials and sample packs usually cost more than a years subscription to Sonic Academy and as we are being honest once you’ve been point in the right direction you’ll usually find out the rest yourself.

Sonic Academy is possibly the best all-round website we’ve looked at recently with the best range of tutorials at all levels that will get you producing better and a lot faster than learning through trial and error.

The community forum is reasonably busy and seems to be very friendly with many members ready to answer your questions should you have any.


We’d strongly recommend anyone taking up a subscription to check out the Banging Electro House (Gigi Barocco) both of the Futuristic Polar Bears tutorials and all of the Chris Agnelli videos for some really great trick and tip.

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