When Freshly Squeezed Samples and Rob ‘Activa’ Stevenson decided to produce a sample pack I’m sure they sat down and dreamt of producing something different, breath taking, ground breaking and inspirational. I’m sure they dreamt it because I’m sure thats pretty much what goes through the mind of ever sound designer when they start a new project like this.

DJ’s think in similar ways about their next set and I’m positive that music producers alike feel the same about their next track or album, In truth though most of us either fall short of fail completely. However where many of us fall Rob and Freshly Squeezed Samples have seemingly achieved what they set out to do, what they dreamt they could do.

In essence they could have actually produced a near perfect sample pack. Sure on the surface it may be just another Trance sample pack but spend any amount of time using Activa Trance Essentials  and you’ll soon realise just how well it’s crafted, The level of quality in this library of sounds is second to none with every single hit and loop being truly usable as it is.

Activa Trance Essentials has enough samples to produce album after album with out ever needing another sample pack and enough well written loops to grab some inspiration from so you can forget Vengeance Club Essentials, Forget Synthation Producers collection or Sounds of Revolution, infact forget all those big names you’ve come to love in sample providers, Freshly Squeezed Samples is where its at and Activa Trance Essentials could honestly be the only Trance sample pack you’ll ever need!

You’ll be able to tell from the off that this pack was created by a Trance producer for other Trance producers, However unlike some artist series sound sets that sound nothing like the artists, you can really hear Rob’s involvement was more that just simply putting his name to a product, His sounds can be heard throughout the pack and I’m sure you’ll all agree how great that sound is.

Simply put this pack is pure brilliance, It has easily the best FX for Trance we’ve ever heard in any sample pack, hundreds of absurdly good single hit sounds, Great synth and bass loops as well as some really great drum loops to help you kick start your own inspiration, Construction kits for when you really can’t get started or just simply want to learn the basics of how riffs and bass lines are written.

All of loops are Key and Tempo labeled not to mention that almost all of the loops come with MIDI for complete flexibility.

The sound quality is second to none, we really honestly don’t think these samples could sound any punchier, tighter or more detailed. If you’ve purchased other Trance sample packs and been happy with them then trust us you’ll love Activa Trance Essentials and know its going to be your new and only goto sample pack.

 The sample pack itself of over 3.5 Gig and consists of single hits, loops and MIDI and here is exactly what you get for your money



  • 30x Bassline Loops (with BPM/key information + MIDI files for each loop)
  • 30x Bassline Multisamples (for each sub bass) for easy sampler import
  • 113x Top Bassline Loop Samples (included in wet/dry variations with MIDI files)
  • 200x Top Bassline Single Hit Samples (all with root key included)


Construction Kits


  • 8x Complete ‘Building Blocks’ Construction Kits (including all audio stems + MIDI files)
  • 5x Complete ‘Melodic’ MIDI Construction Kits (Please hear ‘Alternative Demo’)
  • 7x Bonus Kits packed with melodic ideas
  • 3x Remix Kits included for reference/educational purposes


Drum Hits

  • 50x Clap Samples
  • 50x Closed Hats
  • 25x Crash Cymbal FX
  • 25X Crash Cymbals
  • 62X Kick Samples
  • 25x Open Hat Samples
  • 150X Percussion Samples
  • 10x Ride Cymbals
  • 25x Shaker Samples
  • 50x Snare Samples

Drum/Percussion Loops


  • 225x Fully Unique Drum Loops (all provided with BPM + Full, Stripped and Percussion variants) (670+ Drum Loops in total)



  • 30x Explosions
  • 62x FX Loops (All with Key + BPM Information)
  • 71x FX One Shots
  • 50x Percussion FX
  • 20X Reverb Kicks
  • 50X Reverse FX
  • 50x Snare Rolls
  • 154x Vocal Stabs



  • 111x Synth Hit Samples (provided in wet/dry variants)
  • 100x Synth Loop Samples (all with BPM + Root Key + MIDI Files)


Price £52.00 GBP

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